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Facilitating Pricing Considerations 

Whether you are educating students, training a workforce or maximising the reach of your learning content, as a Carrot Course Facilitator we have a solution for you. 


Using the Carrot Learning Platform has a scale of cost associated to it, at one end of our scale Carrot Learning can simply provide you and your S-Learning course a place to house and deliver your s-learning ready workshop, training, learning module, or event content; this could be something you offer free of charge or you may pay for learners to access it. 

At the other end of the, scale Carrot can deliver your whole learning objective, irrespective of the scale of your learning and audience requirements.

The Carrot Learning team has provided S-learning on behalf of small companies to a few dozen learners, as well as delivered learning for Government bodies and pass/fail University courses to thousands of learners via courses spanning several weeks. 

Typically the following elements are relevant to costing the use of Carrot Learning for Course Creators:

Creating Your Carrot Course - You may have existing S-Learning ready content that will slot nicely into Carrot Learning, or some work maybe be needed to maximize the content you have for S-Learning that Carrot can assist you with; Great S-Learning content is short, snappy and sharable that drives discussion amongst and beyond your Carrot Learners.

Funding Your Carrot Course - if you are looking to charge for your learners to access your Carrot Course then a share in the booking fee between Carrot Learning and you may cover the cost of any setup or platform housing costs. 

Running Your Carrot Course - depending on the level of support you'll need to deliver the social learning aspect of your course will impact the cost of providing your course; we can support course creators with lots or no experiences in this.

Our experienced team is here to help you understand more about delivering and exceeding your learning needs via Carrot Learning, helping you understand what is achievable and what delivery and costing model would be best for you. 

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