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Social Learning

Social media learning is e-learning and so much more! S-learning embraces social media and the short, snappy and social principles that make social media content so engaging. 

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About Carrot

More than learning

You know that time when some random shared an infographic or podcast or their experience with you on Twitter, or Linked In, or some other open social media platform and it made you reflect and think differently, that was you social learning! 

Carrot Learning embraces this learning method by formalizing the presentation of the content and supporting learners to have open discussions about it. Furthermore, the platform enables learners to record both reflections and the actions they will take from these discussions. 

Courses are provided by subject matter experts, providing their content and delivering it with their ability to facilitate open discussion.


Learners not only engage with other course participants but, due to the open nature of our chosen platform Twitter, they also engage with a much wider audience, extending the breadth of knowledge, experience and social learning achieved.

The Carrot platform has been carefully engineered using the founders' five years and award-winning experience supporting over 100,000 professionals to learn in this way, making social learning effortless, rewarding.

Carrot learners leave the course with a full suite of resources, their evidenced reflection and actions, and of course certificate! Crucially, they'll also have lots of new ideas, new contacts, instant evidence of their learning distance traveled, and of course knowledge that sticks!

Course facilitators too see the impact of their course participants and have the advantage of having their content and support made reach far and wide as the course progresses. 

We provided options for the platform to simply host your course all the way through to supporting it's delivery too. 

About Carrot



They are a few key elements to providing s-learning courses. Team Carrot has the experience and passion to help ensure you have everything in place to make both completing and facilitating a Carrot Learning course a real success.

Having created and delivered s-learning courses hundreds of times to well over 100,000 learners, ranging from students to regulated professionals meeting CPD requirements, we support Government bodies, the NHS, Universities, SMEs and larger employers and the charity and volunteer sector.

Our team would love to discuss how you can make a success of s-learning for your learners.



Twitter: @carrotlearning

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