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Using custom course plans tailored to you and your cohort, Carrot connects individuals together within a community to explore content, expand the conversation and build off each other's ideas and knowledge.


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Create a course effortlessly. Let us know the content, how you want it to be used and when it goes live, then sit back and relax as we put it together for you!

Get help from our fantastic support team when you need it or liaise with your personal representative at Carrot. We are always happy to help. 

When pioneering social learning through Twitter, it's easy to share and grow your knowledge. Interact directly with the community, expand on key areas and grow the conversation.

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Carrot will help manage your course with ease, whether you are an organisation or an individual, we can help you with your learning needs.

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If you are looking to share your topic expertise and passion with an existing or new group of learners a Carrot s-learning course is for you.

  • use your existing material

  • learners openly share and discuss your content

  • develop new, visible and valuable  relationships

Recommend for:
Expanding accessibility and reach of workshops. for one day or longer learning courses.

Replace workshops, exhibitions, conferences, training or lectures with more visible s-learning courses and events.

  • Dedicated Carrot account management

  • Offer certificated learning 

  • Evidence learning impact in real time

Recommend for:

Replacing e-learning or physical events whilst increasing your visibility and audience reach


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